Performative Nuance

Script for calling your MP

This is the script I used to call my MP today, asking that she does all she can to push for measures to help people in Ukraine fleeing the fighting.

The best way to do this is:

This discusses my belief that Thermobaric weapons will be used to attempt to capture Kyiv and it includes some descriptions of their effects. I suggest that you do not read it unless you are planning on calling your MP using all or part of it.

Hi, I emailed a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back.

I’m calling because the home office still has no plan in place for evacuating civilians from Ukraine, and this is a moral outrage. Reliable reporting from bellingcat says that the Russian commanders are under vast amounts of pressure to occupy Kyiv over the next 36 hours, and it’s certain that any attempt to do this will involve thermobaric weapons, designed to destroy buildings instantly, and literally liquidate people buried deep underground with their blast waves. The most vulnerable in Kyiv, those who could not flee, hide in subway stations which closely mirror the bunkers these weapons are designed to mutilate people inside.

People from Ukraine are fleeing indiscriminate tactics and weapons designed to kill people no matter how deep they hide. Ukraine is not a safe place for anyone, and the home office is telling people if they wish to flee they should apply for farm worker visas and then trek a thousand miles across Europe to pick our fruit.

Visa waivers or visas on arrival are a start, but they are not enough. We need a uk presence at the eastern border at Ukraine, issuing documentation and organising transport for anyone fleeing the onslaught. Not just to Ukrainian citizens, but anyone from other countries trapped in the country by the attack.

I hope you’ll do all you can, in and outside of parliament, to prevent this slaughter- Helping refugees is essential, and my main request, but we must couple it with stronger sanctions and punishing the political class of oligarchs who fund and enable this.