Performative Nuance

A shortlist of reasons it’s a bad idea to rely on birth certificates to “verify gender”

TL;DR: No, really, men don’t need all women’s shortlists to get elected. If they did, we wouldn’t need all women’s shortlists. Any man pretending to be a woman to get on an all womens shortlist is certainly going to have a harder time getting elected than just…running as a man.

Can we argue about something important now, like how it takes three years to get humiliating treatment on the NHS, resulting in mass suicides?

Or how the issues with borders I named above prevent, for example, women getting abortions in ireland, or how some people from failed states have to live essentially undocumented lives.

I don’t really care, as long as it’s not middle class white women trying to shit on women who don’t meet their standards.